Fueling the Jet; The Importance of Eating Right for Training

I had a number of posts drafted that I didn’t quite feel were complete. After far too much time away from here, I’m back. This is old but I think the message is worth stating, even with the stale-dated reference to marathon training and a household plague. Enjoy!

I had an off-week this week. And by off, I don’t mean it was a step-down week. I mean out of the 4 of us in this household, I was the only one who wasn’t sick. And by sick I mean, 3 saw a doctor and 1 landed in Emergency in the hospital. So yeah, you could say it was an off week. It was tough, training-wise.

I managed to get almost all of my marathon training mileage done. I was short by approx. 2k. That’s quite remarkable considering everything. I ended up with a lack of sleep and not eating as well as I would normally. The importance of sleep and eating well during training was driven home when I attempted a 10K run. I lasted 2K and pulled the plug. Too tired, too much wind to fight, too exhausted to fight anything.

I came home frustrated and realizing that along with missing sleep, I really needed to focus on eating properly if I was going to train at my maximum potential. What does that look like for me?
– lots of water every day
– 3 square meals plus one or two snacks per day, depending on my activity level for the day
– eating enough protein (0.80 g/kg of body weight/day)
– eating a wee bit before my long runs (Note to self: make oatmeal the night before)
– eat lots of fruits/vegetables daily

I was definitely short on water this week and didn’t eat with any regularity at all. It showed. My 21k long run was much more difficult than the 19.5k I ran last week. In addition to being a more difficult run, I’m paying for it today. Lots of stiffness and muscle soreness and that’s after moving around today, a hot bath, and lots of good food.

Are you currently training? Eat right every day. It counts for a lot and will make your workload a lot easier. Put down the ice cream and reach for an apple; you’ll thank yourself for it.

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