Boondoggle, Beaches, Beasts and Bracelets; How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Summer’s over folks.  Today was the First Day Back To School.  In honour of that, I’ve revived that famous September essay topic:

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Boondoggle Square Zipper Pull


This was the summer my 8 yr old was introduced to boondoggle aka gimp/gymp. She quickly learned that there were many different styles (square is so yesterday Mom!) and wanted to try them all. By “try them”, I mean choose the colours and have me start it, then she would work 3-5 levels and hand it back for me to finish. My son was interested but he had decided this was a gender specific activity and he was the wrong gender. He would work a row or two and then dismiss it as a girl thing. Bummer…I could have used an extra set of hands.

This is the life!


We headed out to the East Coast for our vacation this year. We had such a great time in Prince Edward Island a few years ago that we decided to go back. If you’ve never been, you should go. It’s absolutely beautiful. The dirt really is red! The people are fabulous and the beaches are stunning. We stayed inside the PEI National Park. Our morning commute was a short walk across a road, over a sand dune and voila: the beach.

The view on my morning run.

Wee Jellyfish: Before

Wee Jellyfish: After

That's not Jello!

See if you can find: seaweed (2 kinds), shells (oyster, clam and quahog), crab legs and rocks.


I always find ocean beaches to be more interesting than lake beaches. This year the Atlantic didn’t disappoint. Jellyfish, crab parts, shells, odd bits of lobsters and a dead sea bird were some of our finds. Dead jellyfish feel like partly melted Jello, in case you were wondering.

One dinner plate sized jelly tore in half when a parent picked it up. Apparently the habitat the kids built for it wasn’t enough to keep it alive. 10 mins later all the kids on the beach had a piece of it.


We returned back home and the kids went back to camp for the last few weeks of summer. New counselors brought new ideas and friendship bracelets were introduced. I was a late bloomer when it comes to friendship bracelets. For the sake of brevity, let’s just say I inherited a tonne of embroidery floss in my early twenties and my university roommate schooled me in the art of knot-tying. When my daughter raved about them two weeks ago, I pulled out my stash which included some finished bracelets. Her her eyes lit up. Fast forward a few weeks and we had 4 new bracelets, happy kids and the end of Summer.

Designs from top to bottom: Chevron, the Fish, Zig Zag

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