Chicken for dinner? Again? Hooray!

We eat a fair amount of chicken in our house. We mainly eat skinless boneless chicken breasts and it feels like I am forever searching out new ways to cook them that will appeal to all of us. Most times I announce we’re having chicken and get some not too subtle grumbles.

I stumbled upon a recipe and altered it a wee bit and voila: we all LOVE it. Now “What’s for dinner?”, “Chicken!” is met with “Good!” instead of “Can I have something else?”. Here’s hoping you like this too.

olive oil
lemon juice
ginger, grated
garlic, really finely minced
oregano (optional)

Mix equal amounts of olive oil and lemon juice together. I start with 1/4 cup of each and then add a little more lemon juice. If I have a lot of chicken breasts to marinate, I up the quantity to 1/2 cup of each and then add another 1/4 cup of lemon juice. As you can probably tell, this is pretty scientific.

I add anywhere from 1 teaspoon each of the ginger and garlic and see how that looks. If I’ve got 6 chicken breasts then I’m probably using the following:
1/2 cup olive oil
3/4 cup lemon juice
3 teaspoons each of garlic and ginger

Add the chicken breasts to the marinade. Mix them around to make sure they’re coated. Then I go and prep my veggies and whatever else I’m making for dinner. About half way through the rest of the meal prep, I add a liberal amount of oregano to the mixture. Again, I move the chicken around to make sure everything is nice and covered in ginger, garlic and oregano. I have found that the chicken can sit for as little as 10 minutes and the marinade imparts flavour. I think the most I’ve left them is 20-30 minutes.

Fire up your BBQ and you are set to go. I like to cook these over indirect heat (fire up both burners to get the grill nice and hot then, turn off the side you’re going to cook on and drop the heat on the other side to medium) and they are the tastiest, juiciest chicken breasts I’ve ever had.

Be sure to make extra so you can use the meat on sandwiches and salads!

PS – Great gardening season so far. I’ve harvested a huge bunch of kale (with more just waiting for me) and we’ve already eaten a nice sized head of romaine. If this summer holds, we’ll have a fabulous bounty.

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