Not much going on here

I haven’t posted much lately because I’ve been busy running and not sleeping. Anyone who is training knows that is not a good combination. Hell, anyone who isn’t sleeping knows that’s just the pits all by itself.

Here are a few highlights:

– Marathon training is already past the 1/2 way point. Yee haw! I’ve run 2 half marathon distances in my long runs. I think I’m supposed to be proud of that but my brain can’t get past the fact that I still have to get through a whole marathon at the end of May so I’m not really feeling as good about this as I probably should.

– Momma got a new pair of shoes! I had some wonky foot thing happening. It was my right foot and pain had developed under the ball and arch of my foot. I didn’t think it was time to swap shoes but as soon as I tried on the new ones, they felt like clouds of cushion-y delight. Sold! Feet have been fine since.

– Training with the now 8 year old daughter (just had a birthday) has begun. We’ve got a 5K race coming up in May. It’s not going so well. This is unexpected. She’s more athletic than my 10 (soon to be 11) year old son so I thought this would be easy. Plus, she asked to enter this race. Just another example of how you never know what you’re going to get with kids…

– I had some chafing in some lady bits where I haven’t had chafing before. I’ll spare you the detail but I take solace in the fact that I’m not the only one who’s had undies wind up where they shouldn’t. Thanks to eat, drink, run’s comments on this post, I know lady-bit chafing has taken down more than one runner. Read this for a good laugh. Then come back here and by then I will have posted something brilliant, insightful, humorous or a combination of all three. Hey, at the very least, I’ll post a recipe.

Happy trails!


Some city in Greece…I think it’s called Marathon?

In an earlier post I alluded to my inability to commit to The Big Race. For me, The Big Race (by the way, when you read that, you should be hearing one of those ominous radio echoes repeating “The Big Race”, just for effect 🙂 ), is the marathon.

I’ve been thinking about running a marathon for a while. I’m not sure why. The idea of running the distance (42 km/26 mi) doesn’t appeal to me. The idea of running for four hours (give or take — probably give at this point) doesn’t appeal to me. I think the appeal is in being able to say I’ve done it. I’m not looking for bragging rights; it’s more like crossing it off a list of things you’ve accomplished. When you think about it, that’s not a driving motivator to run 42 km. Now you know why I’ve been thinking about this since June 2010 and haven’t done anything about it.

Recently, my employment contract came to an end and spending 4-6 hours/day looking for work started to take it’s toll. I was still running, but without any direction. Also, living in the Great White North and not owning a treadmill, I found myself challenged to get out and run in inhospitable weather conditions. I needed purpose. I needed something to plan/organize for. It was the perfect breeding ground for the inspiration to enter The Big Race.

It started easily enough: find a training plan. I like Hal Higdon’s plans. I’ve used a few in the past and been very successful. Next: start training. Easy enough. I started running with some purpose and regularity in January. My sights were set on the Ottawa Marathon at the end of May. Lots of time! So, I ran. And I ran. I wobbled a bit in February (weather!) and was reduced to spending time on our elliptical machine. I got back on track. Suddenly, it’s Go time: time to start following the training plan, with 16 weeks to go until Race Day. The training started and it was a cinch! Weather was in my favour and if it wasn’t, I pushed through knowing I had a goal to reach and a training session to cross off my calendar. And then it happened. People I know who are also running the race started asking me when I was going to register for the race. I was hesitant to register, fearing my training would be sidelined by injury (remember that knee injury from soccer and that long road to recover in Sept/Oct?) or weather. I planned on waiting until the end of February to sign up for the race, thinking I would have a good idea of my fitness and my commitment levels at that time.

I started receiving emails with the subject line “Race 50% sold out”, “Race 55% sold out” and “Have you registered yet?”. I ran from these emails like a indebted person runs from the debt collector. My motto became “duck and weave, duck and weave” in an attempt to avoid commitment. Then it struck me: I was afraid. I was afraid to mentally commit to The Big Race. I had physically committed myself but my brain wasn’t sure it could cash the cheques my body was writing (Yes, that’s a nod to Top Gun). The realization surprised me. I’ve never been hesitant about a race before. I mulled that over for a day or so and then plunged right in and registered for the race. Suddenly, it became very real. I am going to run a Marathon. Wow…

So far, so good. I ran 19.5 km last weekend and that’s the longest I’ve ever run, which is quite an accomplishment in and of itself. It’s been tough to get out this week (sitting here right now when I should be running 10K) as I’m dealing with March Break and sick kids but I’ll find the time because I am going to run a Marathon.

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