p90X: Reshaping Bodies Everywhere

A few posts back I noted I was lacking motivation to move my body.  I found a remedy for that malady: p90X.

As a former personal trainer and general exercise enthusiast, I had tried this program before and it gave me results. Why follow someone else’s program when I have the knowledge to create my own?
a) Time.  I don’t have to take the time to create something for me.   Someone else has already done this.
b) I will cheat.   By cheat I don’t mean I won’t do the exercises.  Like everyone else though, I would gravitate towards those exercises which I enjoy the most and chances are, if you enjoy it, it’s easy.  Conversely, if you don’t enjoy it, that’s because it’s challenging and you should be doing it!
c) Tony cracks me up.  I don’t necessarily find him motivating but I do find small comforts in his humorous quips when I’m absolutely wrecked from whatever crazy move he and his team have dreamed up.

Previously I found that I was at top shape at the 8 week mark into this program.  At that point small viral hosts that I fondly refer to as my children brought home a multitude of germs and I ended up sick and sleep deprived.  Illness and sleep deprivation lead to a hard time following this program.  If you’re thinking about trying this program the most important piece of advice I can give you is to get enough sleep!  This time around I’ve managed to avoid the incoming viruses and I’m getting a fair amount of sleep.  I’m also managing to get some running done which I couldn’t do as consistently last time.   The program trains 6 days a week.  If you’re training for a race or some other sport-specific event, you may have a tough time fitting it all in.

I’m 14 days into this and already feeling pretty strong.  That was one aspect of this training that caught me off guard: how strong I was by the time it ended.  Previously I had always trained for endurance rather than strength.  I used p90x to see what I could push and how strong I could get.  My 100 lb 9 year old felt like his 40 lb sister.   It was really terrific.  I’m looking forward to that again and hoping for much more.

Building Muscle

Building Muscle

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